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Rethink Retirement


Welcome to the Rethink Retirement Financial Workshop with your Instructor, Rick Durkee. WHY TAKE THIS CLASS? FIND OUT HOW TO HELP: • Optimize Social Security Income Benefits • Enjoy Retirement Income You Cannot Outlive • Reduce Taxes in Retirement • Lower Financial Risks Due to Medical Concerns • Preserve Your Estate for Beneficiaries This comprehensive educational course is designed to equip today’s Baby Boomer with information on how retirement today is different from previous generations. The updated curriculum is engaging and in an online setting, which means you can access these valuable tools and information at your own convenience, and at your own pace. Knowledge is key to making informed decisions. You want to be sure that you are equipped with the right tools to make informed decisions in the ever-changing world of retirement. This course is designed specifically for those who are either getting ready to retire, or have already transitioned into the early stages of retirement. We will review common pitfalls of retirees and learn more about building a strong retirement strategy.


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